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Flux Software is a company, consisting of just one person, Maurice Volaski, who is dedicated to producing high-quality Macintosh freeware and shareware utilities to enhance the life of all Macintosh users.


Below is a brief synopsis of each of programs offered by Flux Software.

Alias Assistant 2.0.7
Enables your Macintosh to automatically delete all the alias files associated with an original file when the original file is emptied from the Trash. Alias Assistant 2.0.7 supersedes the freeware control panel, TrashAlias and all commercial versions of Trash Alias and Alias Assistant. Shareware ($10). Download (111K).

Beep Saver 1.1
liminates the beeps when Apple's Energy Saver wakes a sleeping monitor. They are replaced with a display of the keyboard LEDs. It also eliminates the warning sound when Apple's CPU Energy Saver is about to cause shutdown. Freeware. Download (8K).

ChooserUser 1.3.1
Lets you control who can change the owner name (or user name under System 6). It also allows the owner name to be changed at startup, either manually or automatically. This program will be particularly useful to public Macintosh labs found in university settings. Freeware. Download (25K).

FCB Inspector 1.1
Allows users to peek at a Macintosh's list of open files. It also provides information about these files on demand and can close ones that aren't crucial to system operation. Finally, when using System 6, it allows the maximum number of open files to be changed. Freeware. Download (17K).

Alerts for HyperCard 2.0, HierPopUpMenus 1.0, ScrollControl III, and Searchreplace 2.0
An XCMD that displays alert dialogs; an XCFN that does hierarchical pop up menus; a XCMD that adds a scroll bar to Hypercard's button repertoire; and an XCMD that provides a word processor style method for searching and replacing strings within Hypercard stacks. Freeware. Download (143K).

LaserwriterLockout 1.2
Lets you control which LaserWriters (and other chooser devices, too) are accessible in the Chooser desk accessory. This program will be particularly useful to public Macintosh labs found in university settings. Freeware. Download (22K).

Mac Identifier 3.0.2
Designed for Mac OS 7.5 (or later) users who can't stand the thought of their Macintosh not knowing its own model designation or what itself looks like. It is also useful for network administrators who manage networks consisting of any 7.5 (or greater)-based Macintoshes. It supersedes version 3.0 and all earlier versions. Shareware ($5) Download (bin) (319K) or Download (hqx) (439K).

Movies in the Dark 1.0
An After Dark module that plays QuickTime movies. Freeware. Download (8K).

NuisanceNullifer for Navigator 1.0
Eliminates the nuisance caused by Netscape Navigator's error alerts, replacing them with a self-dismissing horizontal strip below the menubar. Shareware ($5; free to educational/nonprofit organizations). Download (74K).


SmartKeys 3.4.1
Helps you type in four ways. First, it automatically corrects typing that violates conventional typesetting rules, such as typing more than one consecutive space. Second, it automatically corrects fast typing errors, words that are often misspelled, such as "teh" for "the" and "THe" for "The". Third, it can require modifiers to engage the Caps Lock and the Help key, making them more difficult to press inadvertently. Finally, in case of a system crash, it can keep a log of what was typed. It supersedes version 3.3.1 and all earlier versions. (This version may not be compatible with recent releases of OS 9. A new version is forthcoming)

Super Comments 2.0.8
Enables your Macintosh to keep the Finder Get Info comments from being erased when the desktop is rebuilt. It also permits them to be viewed in the Open File dialogs and edited in the Save File dialogs. Super Comments 2.0.8 supersedes CommentKeeper and all commercial versions of Super Comments. Shareware. Download (118K).

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